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The Queen Of Sop

Lin Xiao Jie is a low level employee in a large Taiwanese company. Dreaming of furthering her studies in England so she can rise up the ranks in her company, Xiao Jie jumps at the opportunity to be an assistant at a company photo shoot in London. On her final day there, she gets mugged and flags down Tang Jun for help, who successfully catches the thief and returns her belongings.

After flying back to Taiwan, Xiao Jie decides to take a leap of faith and study abroad. She sees an apartment listing online that she immediately likes, and messages the owner, 'Tom', who happens to be Tang Jun. 'Tom' agrees to rent the apartment out to her, and makes preparations for her arrival. Xiao Jie and 'Tom' begin an online friendship, with Xiao Jie seeking 'Toms advice. Eventually, Tang Jun begins to fall for Xiao Jie.

However, before Xiao Jie makes her final plans to leave, she is offered a better position at the company by the CEO. Tang Jun is disappointed. After she decides to stay in Taiwan, Tang Jun is arm-twisted to go to Taiwan by his mother, who wants his help in a business deal. Although reluctant, Tang Jun agrees, but becomes enthusiastic when he realizes that Xiao Jie works for the company his mother is engaging in a deal with. However, upon arriving in Taiwan, Tang Jun finds out that Xiao Jie has started a relationship with the son of her company's CEO, Gao Zi Qi.

Not wishing to give up on a chance at love with Xiao Jie, Tang Jun tries his hardest to win her affections. But the road to this is paved with misunderstandings and missed chances.

Genres: Drama



Country: South Korea

Movie: The Queen Of Sop

Production Co:


Release: 2013

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